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Sustainability & regionality

Alpine Balance - in balance with nature

Also - or especially - as a small hotel, we focus on sustainable materials and concepts. At the Almhotel Grünsteinblick we, our employees and our guests live close to nature directly at the Berchtesgaden National Park.


Our contribution:

Also - or especially - as a small hotel, we focus on sustainable materials and concepts. At the Almhotel Grünsteinblick we, our employees and our guests live close to nature directly at the Berchtesgaden National Park.

We are an official partner in the “Responsible Business” business network.

Our house was built in 1904 as a small alpine pasture. Preserving the original building fabric is a matter close to our hearts! Centuries-old beams were uncovered and integrated into new rooms during the numerous conversion and renovation measures. For the redesign, we only use untreated, domestic types of wood. Ecological and sustainable, as well as stonework.

These natural materials give a soft atmosphere and even the smell when entering the rooms and suites tells the story of nature and sustainability.

Hotels, restaurants and tourism have always needed a lot of paper. Papermaking puts a huge strain on our environment as it requires enormous amounts of wood, energy and water. We therefore made a conscious decision not to do so. We make sure to use little paper. This is how we kidnap our guests into a small digital world in which paper waste does not even arise. In every room we provide our guests with IQ tabs, which not only replace the paper hotel folder, but also newspapers, brochures and countless information material.

“Green” accessories, here too environmental awareness is our top priority. The accessory line, which we make available to our guests in all rooms, comes with reduced primary packaging, dispenses with secondary packaging and consists of recycled paper and 100% biodegradable cardboard and soy colors.

We know exactly where our sausage and meat come from. From the local butcher - from the region, for the region - from transport to processing.

We use fresh Bavarian eggs from animal welfare-controlled husbandry and milk products from cows that graze on our lush alpine meadows. Our dairy manufactures products with a guarantee of origin, from farmers in our region who cultivate their farms and alpine pastures in a natural and sustainable manner. Guaranteed without glyphosate and genetic engineering.

For kitchen and health purposes you need a herb corner... To prepare our dishes, we use many herbs from our own small herb garden in our kitchen. These valuable ingredients grow and smell on the sunny mountainside right next to the house.

With our partner, a Chiemgau tea manufacturer, we offer our guests the highest quality organic teas, where all the ingredients, from the tea leaves of the tea plant to olive and vine leaves, come from organic farming.Coffee enjoyment "in between", without a guilty conscience. We use wild coffee capsules made from bioplastics based on renewable raw materials, sugar cane and polylactic acid as an alternative to conventional coffee capsules. So that our guests can enjoy the coffee in their private suite, we take them on a journey with a wooden display in the form of a book - from the history of the valuable raw materials to the production process and the end product. An exciting journey full of social responsibility.

Local orchards and long-forgotten types of fruit - our still intact nature gives us a wealth of ingredients, which our organic winery, a family business in the third generation, processes with heart and hand into delicious juices. At our partner for spirits, too, we value the tradition of pure processing of the earth's treasures entrusted to us. Roots, fruits, blossoms, herbs, clean spring water and wood. Tradition that goes back to the 17th century. You can also taste our homeland and 370 years of love for the down-to-earth art of brewing and local ties with the beer.

When we shop, we pay attention to organic quality products, not because we have to, but because we want to! Products from sustainable cultivation in order to preserve fertile soil for our grandchildren and great-grandchildren. In all areas, we carefully select our partner suppliers, whether it's food or services, true to our motto "brutally regional".

Understand. Feel. Sense. Our little piece of earth, given to us by God, our little paradise at 780 m altitude. Away from everyday life, away from noise, away from traffic. Living in the midst of the most beautiful nature. Breathe fresh, clear mountain air! What can even be more sustainable?


One of our regional partners in the picture - here Stadler specialty winery - with heart and hand on the product - for example when picking apples and currants on the orchard.... Beautiful quince blossom and an excerpt from the juice shelf.